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  • AT10 Atomic Reference and Counter
  • C-1611 EMI Receiver Tester
  • Applied research Customized projects for any environment
  • Elettronica Monti Piazza Guido Rossa 15, 56024 Ponte a Egola, Pisa, Italy

Elettronica Monti develops projects in digital electronics. We manage entire projects; every single part is designed and developed within our company: RF, analog, signal conditioning, power and, most of all, digital circuitry. Thanks to the complete handling of both hardware and firmware, we guarantee a full integration between the two worlds and thus avoid typical problems of communication and incompatibility between the different entities. We are a company with a long experience, a wide know-how that evolved hand-in-hand with the technology and a strong interdisciplinarity, thanks also to various international collaborations. Every project will be tailored and developed with state-of-the-art technology.