AT10 - Atomic Reference and Counter

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  • Atomic Reference and Counter
  • AT10 - Front Panel
  • AT10 - Rear Panel
  • AT10 ultra-fast high-accuracy frequency adjustment
  • Histogram with numerical data distribution and time-series chart of frequency deviations in time

The AT10 is a two-in-one instrument: a programmable rubidium frequency reference and a rubidium frequency/phase counter. It finds applications in virtually any calibration and R&D laboratory where high-precision time and frequency measurements are performed, as well as all facilities requiring an accurate frequency standard. 


Key Features

  • High-precision and high-accuracy 10-MHz atomic reference.
  • High-precision time and frequency measurements based on the on-board rubidium oscillator.
  • 1 PPS disciplined references and measurements available.
  • Fail-safe and fast readings based on a 2-GHz FPGA-implemented phase comparison.
  • Input frequency ranging from 10 kHz – 6 GHz.
  • Ultra clean reference up to 1 GHz.
  • Ultra accurate reference from 1 Hz up to 125 MHz with a resolution as low as 0.0776 Hz.
  • Multiple 10-MHz atomic reference signals available at once.
  • Direct communication through micro-USB interface.

For further information check out the brochure and/or the user's manual below and do not hesitate to contact us.