About Us

Elettronica Monti was founded in 1977 from the passion for digital electronics. Actually, already in previous years, with the development of the DTL (Diode Transistor Logic), the owner, Mario Monti, had made a lot of experience in the design of logic circuits. Right from the foundation, Elettronica Monti evolved hand in hand with the technology, starting from the TTL to CMOS, GAL, PAL up to the most recent and sophisticated FPGA. Similarly, also on the microprocessor level, Elettronica Monti’s experience started with the use of the Intel 8080, going through the various microcontrollers and finally, arriving at the performing DSPs of today. The integration of the two worlds – programmable logic (Hardware) and sequential operations (Firmware) – revealed to be the perfect synergy in signal processing. Indeed, since the end of the eighties, Elettronica Monti has integrated RF signals in the digital world, designing and implementing measuring instruments for electric and magnetic fields, as well as spectrum analysers and EMI receivers, always using leading technology.


Initially, from 1977 to 1985, Elettronica Monti concentrated its activity on robotics. For example, in the TR2, the first drawing machine for glass powered by stepping-motors, the entire electronic circuitry – from the microcontroller to power  – was designed and implemented by Elettronica Monti. The TR2 was used among others by Waterford Crystals, Irland, Steklarna Rogaška, Slovenia and Edinburgh Crystal, Scotland.

Additionally, from 1980 to 1988 Elettronica Monti developed safety equipment for automatic machines in the tanning industry.

In 1988 started the collaboration with PMM. Thanks to a great synergy, particularly with the PMM director and research and development responsible, Mauro Isetta, Elettronica Monti was introduced into the world of EMC. Elettronica Monti provided the entire signal processing part and the digital part for the receivers EMI PMM 8010, PMM 8030 followed by the memorable PMM 9000. In this instrument, in 1997, the first complete discontinuous disturbance (click) analyser on the market was implemented. With the passing of the years, thanks to the evolution of the digital technology, it was possible to move from a marginal signal processing in the PMM 8030 to an almost complete signal processing in the modern PMM 9010 Fast.

Still in the nineties, the field meter PMM 8051 and the successful portable field meter PMM 8053, which is still on the market today, were designed. Also for these instruments, Elettronica Monti provided both the digital as well as the signal processing part.

The collaboration between Elettronica Monti and PMM reached its peak in 2000, when the owner of Elettronica Monti, Mario Monti, was part of the board of directors of PMM. One year later, PMM was acquired by Narda STS. In the following years, Mario Monti was the project leader of the selective meter SRM 3000 Narda STS, Germany.

Still in close collaboration with PMM, starting from 2001, monitoring stations of electromagnetic fields were created. They were the first of their kind on the market. Elettronica Monti, thanks to its know-how, contributed to achieve (already in 2001 with the PMM 8055) the goal of such a low energy consumption to enable an unlimited autonomy, only powered by a small surface solar panel. The technology was further refined in the most recent product PMM 8059, where the daily energy consumed is only 60 mWh.

Why Us

Thanks to these different activities, Elettronica Monti has gained a wide experience and expertise in digital electronics. A profound understanding of both fields, hardware and firmware, makes Elettronica Monti a reference point in the research and development of RF instrumentation. Thus, Elettronica Monti guarantees the development of unique products with completely integrated hardware and firmware and with state-of-the-art technology.

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  • AT10 Atomic Reference and Counter (2022)
  • C-1611 EMI receiver tester (2017)
  • H field analyser 0 - 1 kHz (2017)
    HP 01 H field analyser 0 - 1 kHz (2017)
  • swept and FFT EMI receiver (2005)
    9010 swept and FFT EMI receiver (2005)
  • H/E selective field probe (1999)
    EHP50 H/E selective field probe (1999)
  • field strength meter (1998)
    8053 field strength meter (1998)
  • EMI receiver (1994)
    9000 EMI receiver (1994)
  • customised keyboard (1983)
    Robotics Keypad customised keyboard (1983)
  • TTL technology (1974)
    Frequency Counter TTL technology (1974)
  • germanium transistor (1970)
    Flip Flop germanium transistor (1970)